Aurosonic & Frainbreeze feat. Nina Schofield — Lift you up

RELEASE DATE: 2014-09-08
LABEL: Aurosonic Music (SirAdrianMusic)

Aurosonic Music is back and as we’re still reeling from how well the debut release (Aurosonic & Neev Kennedy — Now I see) was received, the latest offering signals more of the same as Aurosonic teams up with Ukraine’s Frainbreeze and last but not least the critically acclaimed UK based singer/songwriter/pianist Nina Schofield.

Classy is the word to describe this track, from the stunning production to the heartfelt and blissful vocals, ‘Lift Me Up’ shines brighter than the sun. Expect slick grooves, lush synth plucks, piano’s and guitar melodies in beautiful chord progressions, seductive strings and atmospheres that bring a soothing laid back vibe while keeping a positive energy flow.

The majestic vocals of Nina really bring a progressive vocal anthem feel and you will soon realise why this unique and enchanting artist has been described as «Imagine a young (and easier to relate to) Tori Amos, with a dollop of PJ Harvey and a sprinkling of Kate Bush and you’re somewhere around half way there….»

If vocals aren’t your thing, the Dub Mix offers everything you need for those trance warm up sets or peak time progressive work outs.

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